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How do I pay?
How do you pack and ship my order?
When do you mail my poster?
Can I return a poster?
What is the shipping cost?

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What does FN / NM / RO / (adv) / ReRelease mean?

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Posters marked NM or RO are unused in "new" condition. Other posters have been used outside a theater many years ago.

Is the text printed on the posters?

    The watermark/logotype is only on the images, not on the actual poster.

I have a few old Swedish movie posters, do they have a value?

    We always buy posters 1910-75. Contact us for more information.

I want a poster with Bruce Willis. In what movies did he play?

    All movie related information can be found on Internet Movie Database.

I bought "A Clockwork Orange" poster on an auction for $5

     Its a poster reprint, a small copy on cheap paper, maybe printed in 10.000 copies at a cost of $1 each. We sell the genuine Swedish poster from 1971, a collectors item that is known in 25 copies.

Technical problems...

    The website works best with Google Chrome, IE8, Opera 10, 600x960 pixels. JavaScript should be enabled. If you still have problems, please contact us.

Who owns the posters and poster images?

    Nordic Posters LLC sells the physical posters on We do not own the copyrighted image, so you cannot use images from our homepage without asking the poster artist or movie company for permission.

The poster was damaged in the mail. What should I do?

    On rare occasions a poster gets damaged in the mail. We mail them rolled in secure double tubes. You can have full insurance as an option when you order. The posters are printed on high quality paper. If the damage is only a few creases or tears, store the poster flat for a few days. You will hardly notice the damage when you later frame the poster.

How do I search for posters and lobby cards?

- enter the artist, director, or movie title that you are interested in
- write so short search as possible so you have more chance of finding what you want
- upper and lower case does not matter, Swedish characters ÅÄÖ works
- you can not use wildcards such as * or ?
- you can search for images here

Example searches:
NIRO finds Robert de Niro
HITCH finds Alfred Hitchcock
ÄNGLAGÅRD finds Änglagård

Examples of improper searches:
HITCHCOCK, ALFRED will not find Hitchcock (try "Alfred Hitchcock")
Cuckoo's Nest find no Flew Over (some English titles are missing)
Somersby can not find Sommersby (misspelled)
A * HITCHCOCK can not find Alfred Hitchcock (no wildcards)

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