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How to read the poster lists

We sell original movie posters and lobby cards with a collectors value. They were used outside movie theaters and could not be bought in regular stores. All our posters come from closed old cinemas. Posters are printed in Sweden and lobby cards in the USA, except where noted.

The original movie title (usually in English), and the Swedish title.

"(adv)" = advance/teaser poster, issued before the release of the movie
"typA", "typB", "typC" different poster styles
"US Poster", (England), (Germany) = poster printed in the U.S.A., England, Germany
New = new in our lists

Year the poster was printed.
1954 = original poster from 1954
1970s = original poster from the 70's
(1938) = original poster from 1938 but with no year printed on the poster
1945 RR = re-release from 1945
1980s RR = re-release from the 80's
Price in U.S. dollar.
The size of the posters are
70x100 cm regular Swedish one-sheet (27.5x39.4")
68x104 cm regular US one-sheet (27x40" or 27x41")
30x70 cm regular Swedish insert (12x27.5")
other sizes like 50x70 cm: divide size with 2.54 to get inches.

Lobby cards have sizes
11x14" lobby card from the U.S.A
8x10" lobby card from USA or England
Swedish lobby card 7.9x11"
French lobby card 8.4x10.7"
German lobby card 8.3x11.6"
More on lobby cards.

All sizes are approximate.

The following condition codes are used:
MINT = perfect in every way
RO = "Rolled", poster is unfolded and never used, in excellent condition, very small defects
NM = "Near mint", never used, excellent condition, poster may be folded
FN = "Fine", folded in nice condition, used with small pinholes in the corners, may have small tears and creases in the borders, folds, small stains, small tape on the back. Will look great if framed on a wall.
GD = "Good", acceptable, may have tears, folds, stains, tape in the corners, small pieces missing. Will look good if framed on a wall.
PR = "Poor", bad condition, should be restored.