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Movie posters Gösta Werner

Gatan 1949 poster Maj-Britt Nilsson Gösta Werner

Gatan (1949)

Movie poster 70x100cm nice condition FN original


Gösta Werner


Maj-Britt Nilsson Peter Lindgren Keve Hjelm

Poster artwork:

Gösta Åberg



Printed in:

1949Try it framed!

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Buy! Rating 3.5 stars
3.5 / 5 from 11 ratings
Vintage poster from a movie theater 1949. Rare, only a few were saved. Great quality in paper and colors, nice to frame on your wall.
Möte med livet 1952 poster Per Oscarsson Gösta Werner
Möte med livet (1952)
Movie poster 70x100cm new condition NM original
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