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Swanee River 1939 movie poster Don Ameche

Swanee River (1939)

Sången från södern

Movie poster 70x100cm nice condition FN original

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Don Ameche Andrea Leeds Al Jolson


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Vintage movie poster from a movie theater 1950. Rare, most were thrown away. Great quality in paper and colors, nice to frame on your wall.

Les amoureux sont seuls au monde 1952 movie poster Louis Jouvet
Les amoureux sont seuls au monde (1952)
Louis Jouvet
Muntra musikanter 1932 movie poster Fridolf Rhudin
Muntra musikanter (1932)
Fridolf Rhudin
70x50 $33
Blånande hav 1956 movie poster Evert Taube Gunnar Skoglund
Blånande hav (1956)
Evert Taube
Stormy Weather 1944 movie poster Lena Horne Andrew Stone
Stormy Weather (1944)
Lena Horne
30x70 $21
Oliver and Company 1988 movie poster
Oliver and Company (1988)
Bird 1988 movie poster Charlie Parker
Bird (1988)
Charlie Parker
The Buddy Holly Story 1978 movie poster Gary Busey
The Buddy Holly Story (1978)
Gary Busey
60x80 $21
Lusten till ett liv 1999 movie poster Lotta Örnrud
Lusten till ett liv (1999)
Lotta Örnrud
La Bamba 1987 movie poster Lou Diamond Phillips
La Bamba (1987)
Lou Diamond Phillips
Du levande 2007 movie poster Elisabeth Helander Roy Andersson
Du levande (2007)
Elisabeth Helander
Japan $45
The Reluctant Debutante 1959 movie poster Rex Harrison Vincente Minnelli
The Reluctant Debutante (1959)
Rex Harrison
The Piano 1992 movie poster Holly Hunter Jane Campion
The Piano (1992)
Holly Hunter
Flickan i frack 1956 movie poster Maj-Britt Nilsson Arne Mattsson
Flickan i frack (1956)
Maj-Britt Nilsson
Sju vackra flickor 1956 movie poster Karl-Arne Holmsten
Sju vackra flickor (1956)
Karl-Arne Holmsten
Freaky Friday 2003 movie poster Jamie Lee Curtis
Freaky Friday (2003)
Jamie Lee Curtis
Kalle Karlsson från Jularbo 1952 movie poster Karl Jularbo
Kalle Karlsson från Jularbo (1952)
Karl Jularbo
Du levande 2007 movie poster Elisabeth Helander Roy Andersson
Du levande (2007)
Elisabeth Helander
New York New York 1977 movie poster Liza Minnelli Martin Scorsese
New York New York (1977)
Liza Minnelli
Brassed Off 1996 movie poster Ewan McGregor
Brassed Off (1996)
Ewan McGregor
Musiken är mitt liv 1970 movie poster Arthur Rubinstein Francois Reichenbach
Musiken är mitt liv (1970)
Arthur Rubinstein
60x80 $21
Play it Again Sam 1972 movie poster Diane Keaton Woody Allen
Play it Again Sam (1978)
Diane Keaton
Great Balls of Fire 1989 movie poster Dennis Quaid
Great Balls of Fire (1989)
Dennis Quaid
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