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101 Dalmatians 1961 poster Disney

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Pongo och valptjuvarna

Movie poster 70x100cm nice condition FN original

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1985Try it framed!




Walt Disney

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Vintage poster from a movie theater 1985. Rare, most were thrown away. Great quality in paper and colors, nice to frame on your wall.

Earth vs the Spider 1961 poster Ed Kemmer Bert I Gordon
Earth vs the Spider (1961)
Ed Kemmer
Desire in the Dust 1961 poster Raymond Burr
Desire in the Dust (1961)
Raymond Burr
60x80 $15
Ca va etre ta fete 1961 poster Eddie Constantine
Ca va etre ta fete (1961)
Eddie Constantine
30x70 $15
Cause toujours mon lapin 1961 poster Eddie Constantine
Cause toujours mon lapin (1961)
Eddie Constantine
30x70 $15
The World of Suzie Wong 1961 poster William Holden
The World of Suzie Wong (1961)
William Holden
30x70 $15
Chien de pique 1961 poster Eddie Constantine
Chien de pique (1961)
Eddie Constantine
30x70 $15
La belle Americaine 1961 poster Robert Dhéry
La belle Americaine (1961)
Robert Dhéry
30x70 $15
Armored Command 1961 poster Howard Keel Byron Haskin
Armored Command (1961)
Howard Keel
Low price 30x70 $9
The Last Sunset 1961 poster Rock Hudson
The Last Sunset (1961)
Rock Hudson
30x70 $15
Åsa-Nisse bland grevar och baroner 1961 poster John Elfström
Åsa-Nisse bland grevar och baroner (1965)
John Elfström
30x70 $35
The Guns of Navarone 1961 poster Gregory Peck
The Guns of Navarone (1980)
Gregory Peck
30x70 $11
Vita frun 1961 poster Karl-Arne Holmsten Arne Mattsson
Vita frun (1961)
Karl-Arne Holmsten
Hällebäcks gård 1961 poster Gunnar Sjöberg
Hällebäcks gård (1961)
Gunnar Sjöberg
30x70 $15
Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961 poster Audrey Hepburn Blake Edwards
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
Audrey Hepburn
Repro $28
Taste of Fear 1961 poster Susan Strasberg
Taste of Fear (1971)
Susan Strasberg
One Eyed Jacks 1961 poster Marlon Brando
One Eyed Jacks (1966)
Marlon Brando
51x144 $86
Cimarron 1961 poster Glenn Ford
Cimarron (1961)
Glenn Ford
51x144 $60
Lita på mej älskling 1961 poster Jarl Kulle
Lita på mej älskling (1961)
Jarl Kulle
Änglar finns dom 1961 poster Jarl Kulle Lars-Magnus Lindgren
Änglar finns dom (1967)
Jarl Kulle
101 Dalmatians 1961 poster
101 Dalmatians (2000)
Under Ten Flags 1961 poster Van Heflin
Under Ten Flags (1961)
Van Heflin
The Guns of Navarone 1961 poster Gregory Peck
The Guns of Navarone (1961)
Gregory Peck
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