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Movie posters (1947)

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Eviga länkar 1947 poster Annalisa Ericson

Eviga länkar (1947)

Movie poster 30x70cm nice condition FN original

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1947Try it framed!


Annalisa Ericson Ingrid Backlin



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Stockholm 30x70cm

Vintage poster from a movie theater 1947. Rare, most were thrown away. Great quality in paper and colors, nice to frame on your wall.

Jagad 1947 poster Arnold Sjöstrand Bengt Palm
Jagad (1947)
Arnold Sjöstrand
Nattvaktens hustru 1947 poster Åke Grönberg
Nattvaktens hustru (1947)
Åke Grönberg
Maria 1947 poster Maj-Britt Nilsson
Maria (1947)
Maj-Britt Nilsson
Cloak and Dagger 1947 poster Gary Cooper Fritz Lang
Cloak and Dagger (1947)
Gary Cooper
Livet i Finnskogarna 1947 poster Carl-Henrik Fant
Livet i Finnskogarna (1947)
Carl-Henrik Fant
Lost Honeymoon 1947 poster Franchot Tone Leigh Jason
Lost Honeymoon (1947)
Franchot Tone
30x70 $15
Kiss of Death 1947 poster Richard Widmark
Kiss of Death (1947)
Richard Widmark
30x70 $22
Return of the Bad Men 1947 poster Randolph Scott
Return of the Bad Men (1947)
Randolph Scott
30x70 $15
Cry Wolf 1947 poster Errol Flynn Peter Godfrey
Cry Wolf (1947)
Errol Flynn
30x70 $22
Brott i sol 1947 poster Gunnel Broström
Brott i sol (1947)
Gunnel Broström
30x70 $22
Pirates of Monterey 1947 poster Maria Montez
Pirates of Monterey (1947)
Maria Montez
30x70 $15
Ådalens poesi 1947 poster Adolf Jahr
Ådalens poesi (1947)
Adolf Jahr
New in our lists $28
Försummad av sin fru 1947 poster Karl-Arne Holmsten Gösta Folke
Försummad av sin fru (1947)
Karl-Arne Holmsten
Code of Scotland Yard 1947 poster Oskar Homolka George King
Code of Scotland Yard (1947)
Oskar Homolka
Kronblom 1947 poster Ludde Gentzel
Kronblom (1947)
Ludde Gentzel
The Best Years of our Lives 1947 poster Fredric March William Wyler
The Best Years of our Lives (1947)
Fredric March
Onda ögon 1947 poster Arnold Sjöstrand Stig Järrel
Onda ögon (1947)
Arnold Sjöstrand
Hacke Hackspetts nöjesfält 1947 poster Woody Woodpecker
Hacke Hackspetts nöjesfält (1947)
Woody Woodpecker
Onda ögon 1947 poster Arnold Sjöstrand Stig Järrel
Onda ögon (1947)
Arnold Sjöstrand
Maj på Malö 1947 poster Inga Landgré Schamyl Bauman
Maj på Malö (1947)
Inga Landgré
Sjätte budet 1947 poster Esther Roeck Hansen
Sjätte budet (1947)
Esther Roeck Hansen
Denmark $22
Les maudits 1947 poster René Clément
Les maudits (1947)
René Clément
Low price 53x80 $9
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