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Movie posters (1939)

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Gone with the Wind 1939 poster Vivien Leigh Victor Fleming

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Borta med vinden

Movie poster 51x72cm Japan as new/rolled RO original New in our lists

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1980Try it framed!


Victor Fleming


Vivien Leigh Clark Gable Leslie Howard Olivia de Havilland


Margaret Mitchell

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Romance News Best Picture winner Posters from Japan1939

Vintage poster from a movie theater 1980. Rare, most were thrown away. Great quality in paper and colors, nice to frame on your wall.

Johnny Wall Vita Leoparden 1939 poster Johnny Wall
Johnny Wall Vita Leoparden (1939)
Johnny Wall
60x80 $112
Le jour se leve 1939 poster Jean Gabin Marcel Carné
Le jour se leve (1979)
Jean Gabin
60x80 $35
I dag börjar livet 1939 poster Sonja Wigert
I dag börjar livet (1939)
Sonja Wigert
Gone with the Wind 1939 poster Vivien Leigh Victor Fleming
Gone with the Wind (1980)
Vivien Leigh
30x70 $11
Swanee River 1939 poster Don Ameche
Swanee River (1950)
Don Ameche
Smashing the Spy Ring 1939 poster Fay Wray
Smashing the Spy Ring (1939)
Fay Wray
30x70 $28
I See Ice 1939 poster George Formby
I See Ice (1960)
George Formby
60x80 $35
Come On George 1939 poster George Formby
Come On George (1960)
George Formby
60x80 $48
V lyudyakh 1939 poster Aleksei Lyarsky Mark Donskoy
V lyudyakh (1939)
Aleksei Lyarsky
The Four Feathers 1939 poster John Clements Zoltan Korda
The Four Feathers (1945)
John Clements
The Young in Heart 1939 poster Janet Gaynor
The Young in Heart (1939)
Janet Gaynor
Vi två 1939 poster Signe Hasso
Vi två (1939)
Signe Hasso
90x120 $73
Vi tre 1939 poster Signe Hasso
Vi tre (1939)
Signe Hasso
Valley of the Giants 1939 poster Wayne Morris
Valley of the Giants (1939)
Wayne Morris
The Man in the Iron Mask 1939 poster Louis Hayward
The Man in the Iron Mask (1944)
Louis Hayward
Frun tillhanda 1939 poster Britta Brunius
Frun tillhanda (1939)
Britta Brunius
Emelie Högqvist 1939 poster Signe Hasso
Emelie Högqvist (1939)
Signe Hasso
Herr husassistenten 1939 poster Elof Ahrle
Herr husassistenten (1939)
Elof Ahrle
The Bold Caballero 1939 poster Robert Livingston
The Bold Caballero (1939)
Robert Livingston
New in our lists $157
Lone Star Pioneers 1939 poster Bill Elliott
Lone Star Pioneers (1939)
Bill Elliott
30x70 $15
Sol sommar och sjögastar 1939 poster Marguerite Viby Lau Lauritzen
Sol sommar och sjögastar (1939)
Marguerite Viby
Low price 30x70 $9
Tarzan Finds a Son 1939 poster Johnny Weissmuller
Tarzan Finds a Son (1982)
Johnny Weissmuller
30x70 $11
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